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Ray Toro to Release Debut Album "Remember The Laughter"

Ray Toro, formerly the guitarist for My Chemical Romance, is set to release his solo debut album Remember The Laughter on the 18th of November this year.

Ray Toro grew up in a small town and learned to play guitar after listening to his brothers records, he played in a few local bands before teaming up with Gerard Way to form My Chemical Romance. After the success of MCR, Ray Toro had a child, and a few weeks later My Chemical Romance split up, from that point he began writing what would become Remember The Laughter.

Remember The Laughter  comes out on November 18th!

Remember The Laughter comes out on November 18th!

3 and a half years in the making, 'Remember The Laughter' is a light concept record, Toro played almost all of the instruments on it, as well as engineering and mixing it, the musician even had his wife and son (then aged 2 and a half) play on it.

He made a video trailer to promote the album, which can be seen below:

Speaking about the upcoming album, Ray says:

The story is this…A middle aged man returns to his childhood home. Hearing a familiar melody, he goes to the attic to find a memory box he never knew was there. As he goes through it, each of the items in the box sparks a memory, and each song represents one of those memories. He explores his loves, his losses, his pains, & his regrets, and recalls the words of hope that his father left him with when he passed. Thematically, the record is about hope. That there is always a glimmer of light in the darkness.

The main page of my website www.raytoro.com has some of these items featured as photos (wedding ring, raffle tickets, necklace) for the song lyric they are connected to, as well as the interior artwork of the vinyl and CD

Because the record was written over the course of 3 1/2 years, it feels very much like the memory box the character finds on the record. Lyrically, I tried to communicate the lessons that I have learned from my parents, and explore what I would want to teach my son. In a way, it is my memory box to him.

Remember The Laughter comes out on November 18th, and is available to pre-order from iTunes now.

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