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Rise Up Tour: Photos & Review!

Havoc Music! Had the chance to review the Rise Up Tour a while back, here's how it went!

The Devil Wears Prada:

The Devil Wears Prada came to the stage under a blanket of heavy lighting, the second band on that night, the American Metalcore band from Ohio performed an eight song set, which included Planet A, Escape/Born to Lose, and their newer song, Daughter.
The Devil Wears Prada are a band filled with energy, their live performance emits so much excitement that at times it’s hard to keep up with the band onstage. Throughout their set mosh pits could be seen breaking out within the crowd, singer Jeremy DePoyster threw himself into the pit in front of the stage for Assistant to the Regional Manager, and before their closing song, Danger: Wildman, exclaimed “Fuck Trump! This is our last song!”
The Devil Wears Prada closed their set with guitarists flinging themselves into the crowd, and electrified fans cheering well after their final song.


Silverstein took to the stage with the sound of a pre-recorded political speech in the background, the massive support from the crowd was enough to show that they were a band many people were excited to see on the Rise Up Tour, and rightly so.
Blasting through popular songs such as Sacrifice and Face Of The Earth, the band jumped across the stage in an animated display of enthusiasm, with the political speech playing again part way through their set, and singer Shane Told exclaiming “Thank you guys so much for watching us tonight, it’s been our pleasure, love London this venue is sick!”
The bands second to last song was the massively popular Smile In Your Sleep, which saw the crowd form one of the biggest circle pits of the evening, before Silverstein closed their set with the famous My Heroine.

Memphis May Fire:

Memphis May Fire’s set consisted of bright lights and an energetic performance, the metalcore band from Dallas, Texas, opened up with Carry On and Prove Me Right, the band performing with such energy that you wouldn’t believe they’d been touring for a month and a half already, Memphis May Fire went on to perform Alive In The Lights and The Deceived, before singer Matty Mullins addressed the crowd with
“London how you feeling? Would you guys be cool if I slowed it down for a couple of seconds? This song’s about my wife”
Miles Away
was the song that followed, a heartfelt anthem which had multiple phones in the air recording the moment, after which Matty exclaimed “It’s nights like this we hope would never end, thank you London.”
Following on, Memphis May Fire performed Beneath The Skin, Sever The Ties, and This Light I Hold, a song which features Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach) on the album version.
The band closed their set with some old school Memphis songs, including The Sinner and the hugely popular Vices, which saw everyone in the venue off their feet.
With an encore of Legacy, it’s clear that The Rise Up Tour was a massive success for all involved, each band that performed that night, gave it their all, and the crowds response was one of immense support for the artists they were seeing.

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