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The 1975 - O2 Arena Review, 15/12/16

The 1975 recently performed their biggest show yet at the O2 Arena, London, in support of their latest album. Here's what we thought of it:

Several minutes before The 1975 were due onstage, a low hum was emmited over the arena speakers, which continued until all lights in the building turned off, and The 1975's self titled track from their newest album, I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It played over a darkened stage and a backdrop of static lighting effects.
The band kicked off their set with the first single from their new album, Love Me, a song that had every member of the twenty-thousand capacity venue on their feet and dancing.
Following this, The 1975 went on to perform UGH, and then Heart Out, from their previous self-titled album. Both songs saw fans singing along to every word from all corners of the O2 Arena.

The 1975 are a band known for their captivating stage presence and unique set up. Throughout their show the bands colour-changing, lit up backdrop changed with the songs, turning pink and turquiose for A Change of Heart, a heartfelt anthem which in many ways mirrors songs such as Robbers and Heart Out.
An Encounter ensued, and fans nearly drowned out the band themselves when they went on to perform Robbers, a massively popular single from The 1975's first album. This was followed up with I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It, a song which calmed the atmosphere back down from the exitement of the previous tracks, and made way for M.O.N.E.Y., which features on their debut album.


The 1975's setlist comprised mostly of songs from their latest album, as well as several from their first, however they played Undo and Milk, a hidden track at the end of You, both of whichfeature on their 2012 EP 'Sex.'
Before performing Loving Someone, frontman Matty Healy addressed the audience:

This is mental, before I start talking about myself I just wanna say, you don’t understand how much this means to us, and we love you all so much. How you feeling London, you alright? [...] It’s been a long year hasn’t it? An exhausting year just to be a person, especially a young person. I hope everyone’s feeling alright, I’ve not come here to talk about politics, I’ve come here to celebrate...Fucking being a ledgend! I’m only joking, a little bit. We’ve been in America for three months, that’s fucked up, it’s an amazing place full of young, compassionate liberal people like yourselves, and we were there during the election, we were here during Brexit, we picked our fucking timing this year. And the thing is, the obvious thing is it’s very sad to see young progressive voices of change, being drowned out by regressive ideals. It is sad.”

”If we are the liberals, if we are the left, if we are the young, the black, the Muslim, the gay, whatever we are, we have to understand that all of this shit, these paradigms of race and all this kind of stuff, it seems to make sense but that’s not really what it’s about.”

“A lot of these people who voted against what I believe the majority of us stand for, most of those people are so disenfranchised by political systems that they wanted a change and it’s our responsibility yes to be pissed off but to be not patronising and be compassionate and be understanding. This song is about all those things. We love you London.

The band proceeded to perform Loving Someone, followed by four more songs from their latest album, She's American, Please Be Naked, Lostmyhead, and the hugely popular Somebody Else.
The 1975 closed their set with a passionate rendition of Fallingforyou, followed by Paris, Girls and Sex. It was an energetic and dynamic end to a spectacular night, with an encore of Medicine, which saw thousands of phone torches and lighters held in the air, followed by the intense If I Believe You.
The penultimate song was Chocolate, a track that had twenty thousand voices singing in unison with The 1975, who closed their set with The Sound, a massively popular and catchy anthem and single from I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It. 

The 1975 are a band who've spent years touring relentlessly, recording and performing. Their first night at the O2 Arena is proof, if ever proof was needed, that they are a band capable of greater things than ever imagined.

You can buy their latest album here, and check out their remaining tour dates here!

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