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Deaf Havana Release Third Single from "All These Countless Nights"

Fever has been released as the third single from Deaf Havana's highly anticipated 4th album All These Countless Nights, which comes out on January 27th.
James Veck-Gilodi has spoken about the song, stating it's the "Darkest song lyrically" on the record.

Fever talks about periods of heavy drinking, behavioural changes and the resulting effects on relationships, with lines such as "I saw myself in my mothers eyes and I found some hope" reflecting on the singers visit to his mother, and a conversation that inspired change and balance in his lifestyle.
The music video for Fever is shot in Mexico, and links in with previous songs Sing, and Trigger, to make a three part story. Speaking about it below, James has said:

I always loved the idea of having several videos that were all part of a bigger story, I felt like the 3 singles, (Sing, Trigger and Fever) were perfect for this as they all shared and underlying theme of feeling alienated and out of control, meeting AJ and everyone at Groovy Chaos was an absolute blessing because they completely understood our vision and managed to translate that to video much better than we ever imagined. Travelling to Mexico and shooting with the guys was such an amazing experience, being so far away from home and out of our comfort zone really leant itself to the lyrical content of the songs and they ended up being the best music videos we have ever been a part of.

You can check out the new video below, and click here to pre-order Deaf Havana's latest album, All These Countless Nights.

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