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Avenged Sevenfold - O2 Arena Review - January 22nd 2017

Avenged Sevenfold - O2 Arena Review - January 22nd 2017

We had the oppourtunity to cover Avenged Sevenfold's epic O2 Arena Show earlier this week, check out the review below!

In Flames opened up the evening on the second London date of tour, the show started earlier than it had on previous nights, with doors at 5:30pm, and In Flames onstage at 6:00pm.
There’s no doubt that vocally, they were the heaviest band performing, and this is perhaps why the crowd seemed almost reluctant to get involved to begin with, nevertheless In Flames played an impressive set, and talked about how humbled yet excited they were to be there, which showed as they dominated the stage with energy.
Playing through songs including Where The Dead Ships Dwell, The End and The Truth, darker lighting made for a fitting atmosphere onstage. As their set continued, the crowd became increasingly more engaged, and this reflected within the bands performance.
Singer Anders Fridén apologised at one point for the band being on stage half an hour early, due to last minute timing changes, and joked that he only found out while he was playing Skyrim backstage beforehand, despite this In Flames were the perfect act for a warm up band, their energy and enthusiasm not only warmed the crowd up, but set the tone for the rest of the night too.
In Flames closed their set with the ever popular Take This Life, which was well received by the audience, and exited the stage to a roar of applause.

In Flames,  photo by Izzie Ruffle.

In Flames, photo by Izzie Ruffle.

Disturbed were next to take to the stage, beginning their set with Dan Donegan performing a dramatically lit guitar solo under two spotlights.
The rest of the band appeared onstage shortly after, and opened with The Eye of the Storm, Disturbed are a notoriously theatrical group, and their performance tonight did not dispute this, heavy pyrotechnics, combined with David Draiman’s dramatic appearance and arena filling voice, made sure they had the audience’s attention from the get-go. They carried on their set with songs Immortalised and The Game, the majority of their set consisted of songs from albums The Sickness & Immortalised, which went down particularly well with the audience.
Despite Disturbed staying under the radar for the past few years, their live performance was as incredible as expected, they went on to perform The Vengeful One, Prayer and Liberate, the pyrotechnics continued throughout their set, and fire could be felt from the seating area of arena.
Part way through their show, Disturbed performed an emotional rendition of The Sound of Silence, (originally by Simon & Garfunkel) the atmosphere changed noticeably for this song, a piano came onstage, played by guitarist Dan, and illuminated by a single white light. The song was well received by those in the arena, with phone torches and lighters flooding the crowd. The Sound of Silence culminated with David Draiman taking a bow at the end of the walkway, to an enthusiastic round of applause from the crowd.
Disturbed continued their set and played Inside The Fire, before The Light, which, on request of the band, had the O2 lit up with phones for chorus. They followed this up with Stricken, the whole group putting on a theatrical performance, enhanced by a large personality and Draiman’s big hand gestures.

Disturbed finished their set with Ten Thousand Fists and Down With The Sickness, which saw a large circle pit open up in the centre of the crowd, and the whole venue sing along. The band’s notably most popular song was incredibly well received, Disturbed’s set ended with a short but powerful speech from David Draiman, “Say our name with us now, together my brothers and sisters my blood, we are DISTURBED, we are DISTURBED, we are DISTURBED, WE ALL ARE – DISTURBED, much respect to you London make some noise for our friends in In Flames!”

Disturbed,  photo by Izzie Ruffle

Disturbed, photo by Izzie Ruffle

Avenged Sevenfold had their own stage set up in place for their headlining slot, consisting of 9 tall screens stretching to the ceiling, and a large cube that floated across the walkway.
Rocket Man and Space Oddity were played before Avenged Sevenfold came onstage, they opened their set with The Stage from their latest album, Afterlife, which saw a sea of lights go in the air, and Hail To The King, the leading single from their last album.
Avenged Sevenfold are an engaging and exciting band to watch, and singer M. Shadows could be seen high fiving ecstatic fans as he ran down the walkway.

Avenged Sevenfold have a powerful and engaging stage presence, their show works not only because they’re successful musicians but charismatic guys in general, you can tell they’re close friends as well as band-mates just from watching them onstage.
After Hail To The King, they performed Paradigm from their latest album, followed by To End The Rapture and Chapter Four. In total, Avenged Sevenfold played four songs from their latest album The Stage that night, as well as three each from Hail to the King and Nightmare.
Second Heartbeat was performed as a tour debut before Buried Alive, which had an extended introduction, after which followed the popular So Far Away, it was a heartfelt performance, and the fans showed their solidarity as thousands of torches were lifted into the air. It was a beautiful, emotional tribute to The Rev. 

After So Far Away, Avenged Sevenfold performed Nightmare, the hugely popular single from their fifth studio album, which had every fan in the O2 Arena singing along.
This was followed by an impressive drum solo from Brooks Wackerman, during which M. Shadows sat himself at the end of the walkway to watch.
Avenged Sevenfold carried on the incredible show, by performing The Beast And The Harlot which was also a tour debut, and massively well received from the crowd.
The band finished their set with Acid Rain and Planets, an appropriate end to a magnificent concert, topped only by an encore of Bat Country, A Little Piece of Heaven and Unholy Confessions, which hosted the largest circle pit of the night, as noted by M. Shadows:

This is our last night here, we wanna thank you guys for the last two nights and the whole fucking country for welcoming us, we’ve had a blast this last two weeks [...] I see you guys opening a pit up here, let’s see if we can end this tour with one massive mosh, let’s open this pit up!

Avenged Sevenfold exited the stage, but the excitement and energy within the arena remained. An outro of A Day In The Life by The Beatles was played over the speakers, and as fans spilled out it was clear that this was a fantastic end to their UK leg of the tour.

Avenged Sevenfold,  photo by Izzie Ruffle

Avenged Sevenfold, photo by Izzie Ruffle

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Review: Max Lawrence
Photos: Izzie Ruffle
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