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Impericon Tour 2017! Electric Ballroom, London.

Kublai Khan took to the stage like a bull in a china shop. Tearing across the space, their music can best be described simply as heavy, mosh music. The metalcore bands from Texas, America have a new album out through Rise Records titled Nomad, and anyone who hadn’t heard of Kublai Khan beforehand would certainly be checking them out after tonight’s performance.
Throughout their set the crowd gave it their all, pits opened up across the Electric Ballroom, and at some point vocalist Matt Honeycutt lost his shirt. Their show was bursting with energy, and there wasn’t a moment that the band wasn’t giving it their all.
Kublai Khan’s last song went out to Matt’s mother, accompanied by a heartfelt speech about always appreciating who you have while you can, it was a perfect way of closing their slot on the tour.

Check out Kublai Khan's new album Nomad here!

Sworn In’s set saw crowdsurfers make their way across the venue from the start. Contrary to beforehand, their songs had clean vocals; however the hardcore element was the star of their show.  The lighting was a lot brighter than previous bands, and similar to before, the energy put into the set resonated clearly with the crowd, massive pits opened up across the audience.
Their slot on the tour consisted of a song written about being awake for 72 hours, singer Tyler shouting “If you’ve got something to prove now’s the time to do it!” and a sea of fists going up and down in time to Tyler Dennen’s vocals. Sworn In did a great job of warming up the crowd, they performed a dynamic set, and the audience engagement never stopped.
Sworn In’s set ended with Tyler shouting “I need ten fucking brave souls to crowdsurf up here and give me a high 5 [...] This last one is called Snake Eyes.” Members of the crowd could be seen scrabbling over one another to reach the front of the stage, and Sworn In ended their set on a high, with the fans buzzing with anticipation for Chelsea Grin.

You can listen to Sworn In's latest album here!

Chelsea Grin were the next band to take to the stage, the deathcore titans were clearly much anticipated by fans, and speaking to some, it was questioned why they weren’t higher up on the bill. With darker lighting than before, and heavier tracks than previous bands, it was clear that Chelsea Grin are a band who are good at building atmosphere. The crowd completely let go when they took to the stage, and their set saw masses of crowdsurfers litter the audience. The band, from Salt Lake City, Utah put on an impressive set, performing songs such as Say Goodbye from their 2016 album, Self Inflicted, the Electric Ballroom was packed for their performance, and vocalist Alex Koehler could be heard shouting “I wanna see you fucking hit someone, open it up!!!” before pits formed in the crowd. Each and every member of the band could be seen giving it their all, with bassist David Flinn giving an un-paralleled performance.
Part way through their set, singer Alex told fans that this might be his favourite show of the tour, however by the end of their show he confirmed his statement, shouting “You guys are my fucking favourite show of the tour” and it was clear that the crowd appreciated Chelsea Grin just as much. Their set was a chaotic ensemble of energetic deathcore, and despite not headlining the Impericon Tour, it was clear that they were a fan favourite of the evening. 

Listen to Self Inflicted here!

If there were just one word to describe Deez Nuts, it would be hyper. Their set consisted of fast songs, a crowd who passionately sang along, massive pits, and singer, JJ Peters, bringing a high powered performance to the Electric Ballroom. The hardcore punk band from Melbourne brought a slightly different vibe to the tour, their set was somewhat upbeat and the crowd was constantly moving to their songs. By this point in the evening, the fans were so electrified that the pits never seemed to stop, JJ would pause in a song and the audience would fill in the gaps without skipping a beat. Girls could be seen above the crowd on people’s shoulders, and once again crowd surfers and mosh pits filled the venue. Deez Nuts made brilliant use of all available stage space, and their interaction with the crowd was continuous and entertaining. The crowd were so engaged that they chanted the band’s name between songs, and JJ spoke to the fans at every oppourtunity. It’s clear that Deez Nuts are a band who understand their audience, saying things like “We don’t wanna freak you out with new shit, we don’t wanna bore you with old shit, this song’s a happy middle it’s called What I Gotta Do” and hyping up the crowd at every oppourtunity, Deez Nuts are a band everyone should watch if given the chance.  

Deez Nuts released a new album earlier this year, check it out here!

Emmure were the headliners of the evening, the American metalcore band from New Fairland Connecticut took to the stage to a roar of applause from the audience. Keeping in pace with the energetic feel of the evening so far, singer Dan Steindler moved across the stage like a man possessed.  Dark lighting flooded the stage, which complimented the heavy tone of the music. Emmure are a band who’s live performance has been refined over the past fourteen years, and with a set that consisted of everything including tracks such as When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong, from their debut 2007 album Goodbye to Gallows, to songs including Natural Born Killer and Torch from their latest album Look At Yourself, released earlier this year through SharpTone Records, it’s clear to see why fans were so impressed with their performance. Pits opened up nonstop throughout their set, and the crowdsurfers seemed never-ending. Other songs Emmure performed included Solar Flare Homicide from 2011’s album Speaker of the Dead, and Most Hated off Eternal Enemies (2014). With music so heavy the floor could be felt shaking from the back of the venue, and a band whose stage presence gives the viewer Goosebumps, it’s clear to see why Emmure were chosen as the headliners for Impericon Tour 2017.

Emmure's latest album Look At Yourself is out now!

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